Wednesday, January 29, 2014

thoughts on moving away

the idea of finally moving out of my family's house is in no way scary, more comforting and empowering than anything. but moving away is another story entirely.  completely uprooting my life and taking everything ten hours west is terrifying.  but having to leave behind friends, family and my usual pennsylvania comforts.
this past week i went out to indianapolis to see our new apartment for the first time.  it was small, and a little dated, but filled with so much potential.  filled with opportunities for our relationship to grow.  filled with many new learning experiences.  filled with so many new possibilities.
while i might still be fearful of what i have to leave here, i am growing more excited for what can come.  and in the end it may not work out, which would be unfortunate but i would be able to say i tried.  i took a chance and (hopefully) learned a lot about myself in the process.

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