Thursday, February 27, 2014

monthly favs: february 2014

Even though I have created a new blog I wanted to continue doing the Monthly Favs posts.  They were always my favorite and allowed me to look back on my month with fondness.  While I am trying to limit what I buy, since I am moving and have to pack it all soon anyway, I did have a few things I really wanted as well as a few surprises that popped up along the way

Sunday, February 9, 2014

flea market finds

Today my friend, Katherine, and I went out to do a little thrift shopping.  I have always been a fan of old items and interesting pieces but never really had much room to collect too many things.  While I still might not have the room I actually have started looking for decorative pieces to use in the apartment.

The only item I was determined to find was a type case.  I have seen various ways to revamp type cases into jewelry displays as well as unique frames for small items such as shells or keepsakes.  I managed to find one for a decent price and even though it is pretty beat up I am very excited to paint and repair it.

Along with the case I also purchaes an old Mason jar which used an anchor as the logo.  I had never seen one quite like this, and the zinc lid was just another interesting feature.  The woman who sold it to me explained that it is an Anchor Hocking Mason jar from around World War II.  While the aesthetics of the jar were enough to sell me, the little historical tid-bit was an interesting addition.

Since Josh and I are planning on having a nautical-esque bathroom I felt this jar would be a nice little addition to hold cotton balls, bath salts, or even just a little candle.
While there were plenty more pieces I was interested in I kept my shopping to a minimum.  I will probably take a few more flea market outings once I actually move out there, but these few pieces give me projects to work on during what down time I may find myself having.