Thursday, February 27, 2014

monthly favs: february 2014

Even though I have created a new blog I wanted to continue doing the Monthly Favs posts.  They were always my favorite and allowed me to look back on my month with fondness.  While I am trying to limit what I buy, since I am moving and have to pack it all soon anyway, I did have a few things I really wanted as well as a few surprises that popped up along the way

I have never been one for cold weather so every year around this time I get a little ahead of myself and start buying anything that makes me feel Spring.  This time around I seem to be focusing on colorful new nail polishes.  My new favorite color for my toes is this lovely teal by Essie called Going Incognito while for my fingers I prefer Where did Suzie's Man-go by OPI.

This month I had completely planned on getting myself a new Spring bag.  All of the handbags I have tend to be black, and while I would gladly wear black all day everyday I also have quite a few more Spring-like outfits which might disagree with that idea.  I loved this Kate Spade bag specifically because I adore this shape, the leather is amazingly soft, and the color is so versatile I could wear it with any outfit I chose.  

This bag was planned, the black Chanel bag was the surprise.  I went to my local thrift store to donate some of the clothes I was planning on getting rid of.  I quickly walked inside (since no one was at the usual drop-off location) and I saw it in the case where more higher priced items were traditionally kept.  I will not lie, I cannot say 100% this is a legit Chanel bag.  All I know for sure is that it is real calf leather and the stitching on it is without fault.  Either way I got a great price on a lovely looking bag, so I call it a win.

After my initial move date was pushed back by a week I planned a mini-vacation to visit my dad in Boston. The only downside was that I had packed a majority of my nicer clothes.  On a day I was free I ran to Marshall's and found this great long sweater for a fantastic price.  Super comfy for lazy days but so easy to dress up with some jewelry and nice shoes.

And Lastly, last weekend I went to see The Lego Movie.  It was really an enjoyable time.  I laughed a lot more than I expected to.  I really recommend it for anyone who wants to see something fun and light.

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