Tuesday, March 11, 2014

boston + connecticut

Before I left for Indiana I made it my mission to visit the New England area one more time.  My dad recently moved to Boston for work and a large portion of my family lives in Connecticut so seeing all of them would make me feel like any loose ends were tied before I moved.

The trip started in Boston, a city I had only ever visited once before.  While the city itself was a little more quaint than others I had traveled to more often, it was really lovely.  The weather was near perfect that day so walking along the pier felt almost Spring-like.  Quincy market was filled with cute shops including a comic store which sold items from Out of Print Clothing, a brand most people know I love.

However, the thing I enjoyed most about the Boston portion of the trip was all of the delicious food.  From an Earl grey and Honey cupcake from Cakeology to amazing salmon from Assembly in Quincy.  Though my favorite had to be my experience in the hot pot restaurant, Shabu.  I had never been to a place quite like this.  You ordered two flavored broths and whatever meat or vegetables you wanted to dine on.  The pot with the broths would be placed, boiling, in the center of the table and you would cook your food yourself.  This gave room for a lot of creativity when it came to flavors.  The food itself was delicious but the whole experience just made it all the better.

After Boston I headed down to Connecticut to see family.  This, sadly, was a little more mixed emotionally due to a sudden family emergency, but the good times were extra good.  Once again, we enjoyed a nice dinner with an even better dessert (deep fried cheesecake).  After dinner everyone settled in at my aunt's house to watch recently re-discovered family videos.  Once we skipped past all of the awkward school plays, the footage brought back many memories which left us laughing together.

Overall, the trip was better than I could have expected.  Ended the long weekend with family movies seemed  extra perfect.  I was able to reminisce about great times from when I was a kid while seeing how far I have come.  I am still nervous about this big step, but once I realized how many big steps I have been through over the years it seems a little more okay.  I know it will all be okay in the end, and no matter what happens I have a family I am proud to call mine and who would gladly support me no matter what journey I chose to take.

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