Monday, March 24, 2014

exploring + funfetti

It has officially been over a week since my move.  While I feel like not much has been done in that time, other than packing, I still feel pretty accomplished.  I have been using the spare time I get to explore the local area and getting to know where everything is.  I have already found a dentist I like as well as figured out the best ways to get to the shopping centers I am interested in.  I figure these are the little victories of independence and adulthood.

Next weekend I am hoping to venture North to the small town of Zionsville.  It seems small and quaint, the kind of cute place I love to explore.  In the meantime I am focusing on finding a job, getting to know the places closer to me, and cooking new things.

Since I am in the apartment most of the day it seems like the perfect time to practice new recipes.  Veggie soup, chicken noodle soup, and roasted chicken are all on the menu for the near future.  However, today I made something a little sweeter, Funfetti Cake Truffles.  I found the recipe through Pinterest and instantly knew I had to try it. I did end up making well over two-dozen so I would probably recommend it more for a party or gathering situation, not sure how just the two of us will eat them all but we will try. 

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