Sunday, March 2, 2014

farewell dinner

 There was no shortage of bee-themed items.

One of the things I knew I had to do before leaving was to have a sort of good-bye dinner.  Invite some of my closest friends out to dinner to just spend some time together where we would eat good food and just talk.

Beautiful cookbooks filled with so many new recipes I can't wait to try.

Although the original plan just consisted of dinner it really turned into a whole lot more.  I decided that I wanted to give everyone a set of stationary so we could write to one another after I leave.  While sending messages online is easier, I love the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter.  One filled with little doodles in the margin and other visual odds and ends.  I got each person a unique set of stationary with two pens and just added in various chocolates for an extra little treat.

Plenty of nice smelling things to pamper myself when life gets stressful.

In an attempt to make the whole thing a little extra personal as I presented each person with their gift I gave a mini-speech about how that person was important to me.  While my original intent with that originally was meant to be cheesy I found myself becoming extremely nostalgic about our pasts together.  Picking stories and qualities was hard having had so many memories stashed away.

Little bee accents to dress up my new place.

So while all I had all of that planned I had no idea what everyone else had in mind for me.  Throughout the dinner I was presented with a plethora of amazing gifts ranging from crafts to toys to candy to cook books.  Each item had a personal feeling about it, but with so many years between us it was all expected.

Throughout the evening the conversation stayed light and pleasant with people catching up with those they may not have seen in quite sometime.  Add in plenty of laughter and good food and the result was better than what I could have hoped for.

I am so fortunate to have made such amazing friends while I was here.  People that were always supportive and caring.  One of the things making my move so hard is the realization that I will probably never make these kinds of connections with another person.  Sure, I will make other good friends but it is impossible to re-create the bond you get from going through High School together.  Sleepovers at our parents house, school projects together, note-passing in study hall, and the feeling of growing so much with one another.  But one of the things I know is that even though I will move, I will always have those connections to these amazing people and I look forward to seeing where life takes all of us.

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