Thursday, March 27, 2014

project: date jar

The first project from my Project List I wanted to accomplish was originally the dresser make-over, however my inability to find a good dresser has put that one on hold for awhile.  Instead I decided to move on to the classic Date Jar.

I have been on Pinterest for a few years now and one of the first things I pinned was the Date Jar.  The general concept is to fill a Mason jar with various popsicle sticks, all of which have a different idea for a date written on it.  The last few years our relationship was that of the long-distance variety, so a Date Jar was a little pointless.  Moving in together seems like the best time to start trying it out.

More photos and explanation after the break

For supplies I used:

- 1 Mason Jar
- As many large popsicle sticks as needed
- 3 different colors of paint
- A little bit of scrap fabric
- Stamps
- Embellishments

I wrote down one date idea on each stick ranging from learning a new recipe together to taking a mini-weekend vacation.  I then separated the sticks into three groups based on estimated price for each outing. This way, on a date night, we can choose how much we feel like saving or splurging. 

Lightest Green = $0-$20
Medium Green = $20-$50
Darkest Green = $50+

Once the sticks were done I wrapped the scrap fabric around the outside.  This will prevent any biased idea choosing by covering the text on the sticks.  I then decorated the trim with stamps, words, and little embellishments.  I went with a Nautical feel so the jar doubles as decor in the bedroom.  While it still seems a little simple I am happy where it is now and I know I can easily add more if I ever feel it needs a little something extra.

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  1. This is super cute! I especially love the differentiation of prices with the colorcoding and the lid of the jar.