Sunday, March 16, 2014

the move

Yesterday I finally made the long-awaited big move.  We woke up early in the morning to start out on what became an eleven-hour drive.  The drive was long but the weather was nothing short of perfect.

Ohio, one of the few states we drove through.

I only drove the few hours before the sun came up so I spent the majority of the trip watching mountain sides turn onto flat farmlands.  I find that even when a road trip is long it never really feel too bad if you arrive at the destination early enough in the day.  Our 3:30 pm arrival time left us with time to say "Hello" to family members and settle in to our new place.  Even managed to unpack most of my items that very first night.

Indiana Farmlands

What I really enjoyed was putting things away and thinking about all the possibilities for our little space.  That actually inspired me to create a project list page for this blog.  On that page I will write down projects I hope to complete and then link to posts about those projects.  The first big thing on my list is revamping an old dresser.  Hopefully I will get started on that as early as this week.

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