Thursday, March 20, 2014

welcome, spring.


I haven't really done much since the move, mostly just job hunting.  I haven't even finished unpacking yet, not having a dresser to put the remainder of my clothes in.  

However, today being the first official day of Spring, I felt the need to celebrate a little.  I knew I wanted to bake something and it, somehow, had to be light and fun.  French macarons were the perfect option.  I have only made them two other times on my own so I knew it would be a challenge.  I used this recipe for the shells (very detailed and easy to follow directions for any beginners) and then just made a simple raspberry butter cream for the filling.  The final result was probably my most successful attempt yet.  The texture and look all turned out near-perfect.

I look forward to enjoying them after dinner with Josh, who has never had French macarons before.  I hope mine are a good first impression.

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