Thursday, April 17, 2014

exploring: art + bees

Today I ventured out for a second attempt at going to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  As I mentioned in my previous post my first attempt wasn't too successful, luckily everything went a lot smoother this time around.

I had liked the museum's page on Facebook to keep up with events and classes and a recent one that came up was a special showing of More Than Honey, a documentary about the issues bee populations are facing around the world.  Since I am an avid lover of bees I thought this would be interesting and, instead of just going for the showing, I chose to make a whole day of it.

Keeps reading for more photos:

I headed out mid-afternoon and spent the first part of my trip exploring the grounds.  The museum grounds are worth a day on their own with 100 Acres to explore.  I followed the main paths and looked at the various art pieces on the property.

Along with art there were also gardens and historical houses to explore.  I avoided the houses, just for time reasons, but had an incredible time taking photos outside in the perfect weather.

Inside I had a great time looking at all the pieces ranging from classics to contemporary.  While I normally prefer the former, never having mush interest in contemporary, I cannot deny that the exhibit by Julianne Swartz was one of the high points of the day.  Most of the pieces were interactive or even hidden in plain sight.  It was great fun looking at (and listening to) each piece because each one had something extra to it.

After I finished the galleries, and grabbed a quick bite, I headed towards the Toby theater to watch the film.  Before it started I was able to sample honeys from beehives right on the museum property and even meet with local beekeepers (I believe I was the only person attending who hadn't owned bees at one time or another).  The film itself was really good and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in bees or even just food in general.

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