Monday, April 14, 2014

exploring: failed attempts + an antique mall

A few days ago I wrote a list of places I hope to visit now that I live in this area of the country.  Most of the locations are shops or museums in the Indianapolis area, but others are close by cities or even local events.

Read about my early adventure fails and successes after the break:

Small flowers from the nearby garden

The weather over the weekend was nothing less that beautiful making it the perfect time to start exploring.  Saturday I got myself ready and left for the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  On the way I got myself lost and once I finally arrived the entrance was blocked due to a car crash.  In the end I returned home without ever getting in and chose to walk around the shopping centers neighboring my apartment.  This proved to be more fun than expected and I discovered a wonderful garden shop and a quaint scrap booking shop.  Although the original plan fell through I did manage to find some hidden gems.

Sunday was a new day and, after presenting options from my list to Josh, we settled on visiting the Southport Antique Mall.  He had driven past countless times only seeing the front and assuming it was fairly small but once we pulled around back we saw how large the property was.  Inside was somewhat of a Labyrinth which never seemed to end.

We found ourselves drawn to some of the more "creepy" items

It was one of the cleanest, well-lit, and organized antique stores I had ever visited.  Items ranged the whole antique and collectible spectrum so even though we wandered for such a long time neither of us grew bored.  In the end neither of us actually purchased anything but I saw a lot of items I would gladly go back for if I needed them for a project.  Just not anything I needed right now.

My hope is that each week (or every other week) I can check one location off of the list.  I know that the more time I spend here the more places will be added as the seasons change and Summer rolls around.

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