Friday, April 25, 2014

exploring: long's bakery

After I moved to Indianapolis there was one place everyone told me I had to visit: Long's Bakery.  Everyone praised their donuts and any list for "Best Bakery" had Long's in the #1 spot.

This morning I went out to pick up some art supplies and on my way I happened to pass it.  On my way back I decided to stop.  The location was small but you could smell the warm, sweet, smell of baked goods while standing in the parking lot.

I didn't take many pictures (they were busy and I felt bad holding up the line) but the cases were filled with various baked goods.  For my first visit I played it safe and went for a chocolate covered cake doughnut with sprinkles.  I figured there was no way that could go wrong and I was right.  I can see this being a place I stop by early mornings for a little treat.

My favorite thing about Long's Bakery is the nostalgic feeling it gave me.  When I was younger I would often walk with my grandfather to a small bakery down the street from his apartment.  I loved smelling all the baked goods, seeing everyone preparing in the back, and getting to leave with something amazing.  Something of a far different quality than anything found in a supermarket or even a restaurant.  I may have only been to Long's once, but it was easy to see why so many people recommended it to me.  I look forward to going back.

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