Saturday, April 5, 2014

haul: sweaters + stamps

Yesterday I ventured to the Fashion Mall at the Crossing, the mall located a bit North of where I am.  My mission was to find a few more pieces which would be versatile as both casual as well as work appropriate clothing.  Pretty much anything a bit more adult than the sweatshirts I have been wearing a lot lately. I ended up getting a lot more than I planned on, however I stayed way below my budget so I feel pretty good about it.  Even discovered a new store I am sure I will visit plenty in the future.

Check out my findings after the break.

Both J. Crew and Madewell were having pretty decent deals on their sale sections.  In J. Crew I fell in love with the color of this zip-shoulder sweater.  They didn't have the size I traditionally wear but since it was meant to be fairly large I went down one size and it fit perfectly (I believe I have my broad shoulders to thank for that).  I also grabbed this basic 3/4 length black tee.  While simple, it will be worn a lot in the warmer weather taking the place of the black sweaters I often wear.  In Madewell I found this forest green sweater, which is pretty lightweight and so perfect for Spring.  I used to have a shirt this color from American Eagle (which I bought solely for the color) and I wore it until it was way too small and I was a bit too old for the style of shirt.  I am glad I was able to replace it with something a bit more versatile.

The last wearable find was from the Nordstrom Rack.  I had almost given up my search for the perfect black pumps, most being too high or embellished, then I found these Franco Sarto ones discounted.  While I would have preferred a more matte leather they fit too perfectly, and the price was too good, to ignore them.


At this point I realized how good I was doing with my budget and felt it would be okay to check out some stores that weren't selling clothes.  First was Lush.  While there I picked up a Mask of Magnaminty (a super refreshing face mask I have used and loved) and a Big Blue Bath Bomb (a sea-themed one which will pair perfectly with the sea-themed gifts I received from friends pre-move).  I have never used one of their bath bombs before but it seems like the perfect way to break in a new bathtub.


This last store turned into a very pleasant surprise.  I had never been to a Papersource before and had always assumed it was just another stationary store but I was so wrong.  It was filled with so many amazing papers and stamps and inks and anything that would make a crafty person joyful.  I  left with two papers, a pack of various smaller papers, and a carve-your-own stamp.  I felt unprepared, not really having a set project in my mind and simply grabbed a few small things I liked knowing I would use them at some point.  Next time I know to have more of a battle plan.

While I know I can't go out and buy stuff like this every week it was nice to have a kind of "Treat yo Self" day.  And so long as I have these new papers and supplies I think I should be able to keep myself busy until my next big shopping day.

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