Tuesday, April 8, 2014

project list: mini-garden part 1

Today I finally started on my "Mini-Garden" project.  I was never really much of a gardener but I knew it would be a great start to dressing up our, otherwise sad, balcony.  Eventually Josh and I want to have seating and maybe even a bar out here but for now little plants will at least add a feeling of Spring.

Because I have such little experience with this matter I turned to friends for advice.  While I originally intended to plant flowers or succulents everyone suggested various foods (Swiss Chard being the most highly requested) so I changed my plan slightly.  When I went out to pick up supplies my new idea was to get chard, one or two herbs, and fill the extra space with flowers.  Once I was actually in the store my plans changed again.  I got the chard and herbs as planned, but dropped the flowers idea and picked up some strawberry bulbs instead.  The idea of picking fresh strawberries seemed so appealing to me.  I know I won't be able to pick massive amounts, having such a limited space, but I am excited none the less.

Back at the apartment I preceded to make a huge mess while I planted seed and transferred the herbs into their own pots.  In one pot I put the sweet Basil in the other, Sweet Mint.  While I liked the idea of having a wide variety of herbs to cook with the truth is I am still fairly new with cooking and wouldn't even know when to use most of them.  Basil and Mint are ones I love and will use frequently.

I want to do more to make the whole arrangement look a little more interesting: decorating the pots, finding an interesting set of shelves or table to display everything, and just general interesting pieces.  I will post more photos as I develop everything.

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