Thursday, April 3, 2014

project list: shell shadow box

Early into the moving in process Josh and I agreed to have a Nautical theme for our master bathroom and bedroom.  Looking for forms of decor other than anchor pillows and cartoonish sea creatures I knew I wanted to do some kind of shell-based wall decor.  Last Summer he and I went down to South Carolina where we managed to collect many beautiful shells.  Growing up in/near New Jersey I never really found many full shells on the shore when I was younger so finding all of these little beauties was very exciting.  I had a jar full for nearly a year waiting for something to do with them.

I chose to go with the case I had found back in February since it had that worn wood look and the shells all looked nicely framed when I arranged them.

The first thing I had to do was re-attach the backing to the frame as well as some sections of the frame. . Once those were all set and dried I started to place and arrange the shells within the frame.  This part was very much like putting a puzzle together.  While the standard shells fit nicely in the square-shaped compartments I didn't have enough long shells to fill the more narrow areas.  I started to see if I could find extra tiny shells which were similar colors or shapes and lining them up to better fill up the spaces.

Once it was all set and Josh gave his own input (after all it is his room as well) I glued each one down.  This project ended up being a lot easier than I expected.  I had considered painting it a different color but ultimately the natural wood look gave it an appearance I felt was more beachy than had I painted it white or cream.

I have really been enjoying these DIY projects.  Not only is it a little something to do other than watching TV, but it adds such a nice touch to the place.  It makes this little apartment all the more personal and all the more ours.

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