Thursday, May 29, 2014

monthly favs: may 2014

Sheep from around campus

This month's favorites is going to be a bit shorter than usual.  The biggest thing about this month was our weekend away in Asheville.  So while I might have purchased less items this time, I feel as though I accomplished more than I have in some previous posts.  But that doesn't mean I have nothing to write about at all.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

travel: asheville, nc

Josh and I both attended and graduated from a small campus located in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains.  In fact, this is where we met.  So once we realized graduation was coming up we thought it would be nice to take a long weekend to visit the friends who were graduating.  For the trip I chose to only take my film camera, not really so much as a challenge but because I really just sometimes just prefer the aesthetic.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

project list: mini-garden part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote my first post about my early attempts at a mini-garden on my balcony.  I had planted swiss chard seeds, strawberry bulbs, and potted already grown basil and mint.  However, not long after that a sudden snow occurred.  I saw the forecast predicted the sudden weather change and didn't think much of it so imagine my surprise when I wake up and see my pots buried in snow.  The herbs were completely gone.  After a few more days I realized the bulbs were shot too.  Luckily the chard was tough enough and actually sprouted the day of the snow.  But I knew I had to pretty much start over.