Thursday, May 29, 2014

monthly favs: may 2014

Sheep from around campus

This month's favorites is going to be a bit shorter than usual.  The biggest thing about this month was our weekend away in Asheville.  So while I might have purchased less items this time, I feel as though I accomplished more than I have in some previous posts.  But that doesn't mean I have nothing to write about at all.

I haven't really purchased much in the way of clothing lately, but when Katherine showed me an adorable dress she had purchased at the J. Crew Factory, I felt the need to make my own trip to see if I could find something cute for myself.  I always have a hard time finding dresses which fit me well, so I was more than excited when I tried on this blue one and it fit great and made me feel great.

When the dress turned out to be $20 less than I expected I had to treat myself to these adorable earrings.  I can never have enough Nautical themed earrings.  I used to be a hoops person but I now I am drawn more towards themed studs, making these the perfect addition to my growing collection.

This month was also a big comic month for me.  I just recently started getting back into comics and graphic novels.  While I started the Locke & Key series in March, I just finished it this month and it already my favorite series yet.  So well-written and illustrated with a fantastic story.  And, being only 6 volumes, the series is a perfectly contained tale that never goes on longer than needed but also gives the reader enough story to leave them satisfied.  I have been recommending this to everyone I know and will probably continue to do so as long as I can.

The last comic I want to mention is the newest version of Ms. Marvel.  Hearing (and seeing) a lot of interesting things about this new reboot I finally chose to give it a try.  I, personally, have a hard time getting into some superhero series just because the mythos is so vast I never quite know where to start, but since this one is new it felt like the best time to try.  The story follows Kamala Khan (the first Muslim, female, to headline her own comic) who uses her new found abilities to fight evil all while just growing up in Jersey City.  This first issue was great and I already plan on buying the rest to continue following Kamala's story.

Other Favorites:

-Movie of the Month: Godzilla (2014)

- Sailor Moon episodes are being released (Japanese language, English Subbed) on Hulu - 2 episodes each Monday

-LaVar Burton and his crew created a Kickstarter to bring Reading Rainbow to children and schools who really need it.  It already surpassed its goal but this is a fantastic cause that could always use more attention and support.

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