Wednesday, May 7, 2014

project list: mini-garden part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote my first post about my early attempts at a mini-garden on my balcony.  I had planted swiss chard seeds, strawberry bulbs, and potted already grown basil and mint.  However, not long after that a sudden snow occurred.  I saw the forecast predicted the sudden weather change and didn't think much of it so imagine my surprise when I wake up and see my pots buried in snow.  The herbs were completely gone.  After a few more days I realized the bulbs were shot too.  Luckily the chard was tough enough and actually sprouted the day of the snow.  But I knew I had to pretty much start over.

Left with 3 empty pots I pretty much had to start over.  I did have a few basil seeds stashed away (having purchased them when I initially planned the garden) and planted some in one of the smaller pots.

Just last Saturday I went to the Greenwood Farmer's Market for its opening day.  Being still early in the season there wasn't much produce yet but there were plenty of people selling plants.  After talking with a kind gentleman at one of the stands I left with a small plant called Butterfly Weed.  It may not sprout this season but, if I take care of it, it will grow back each year larger and with beautiful flowers which attract all little butterflies.

The last replacement plant was the hardest to decide on.  I didn't want to completely give up on the strawberry idea but I also worried that my balcony would not be the most catering of homes.  After browsing and mulling and discussing my options for almost a half hour I settled on lavender.  While I won't be able to eat it like I would the berries I know it will add some great color to the garden, not to mention a great smell.  I also love the idea of drying the flowers for soap and potpourri.

This second attempt made me even more excited for having a real house one day.  I love the idea of having more space to plant what I like and really allowing plants to grow.  I am looking forward to a nice warm May filled with happy plants and lovely flowers and hopefully no more snow.

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  1. They look great! While you can't use it in many things, you absolutely can eat the lavender flowers! I made lavender shortbread cookies that were really yummy :D