Saturday, May 24, 2014

travel: asheville, nc

Josh and I both attended and graduated from a small campus located in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains.  In fact, this is where we met.  So once we realized graduation was coming up we thought it would be nice to take a long weekend to visit the friends who were graduating.  For the trip I chose to only take my film camera, not really so much as a challenge but because I really just sometimes just prefer the aesthetic.

View From Campus Pasture

We drove down early Friday morning and made it there by 1:00pm.  We spent our early hours there finding teachers, bosses, and friends around campus.  I hadn't been in the area since I graduated two years ago and, as I walked around, I had this weird feeling of having never left mixed with I didn't belong.  

Bridge that Divides Dorms and Class Buildings

Saturday, we arrived right as the graduation ceremony ended but we hung around to see any friends or staff we may have missed.  I had a short list of people to see but ended up seeing so many more than I could have hoped for.  Once all of the meeting were done we walked all over campus talking about things we had done and just enjoying the day.  We even stopped by the campus farm to see all of the animals we had missed.

Lunch was in the city of Asheville itself at my favorite Noodle Shop, a location I frequented so often with friends we had our own designated table.  On the way back to campus we stopped by Ultimate Ice Cream, the best ice cream in the area.

Post-Graduation Pig Roast

After dinner at Josh's favorite Asian buffet we went back downtown for some drinks with friends.  The bar we had wanted to go to was packed so we looked elsewhere.  We ended up going to Top of the Monk, the top floor in a three-story bar called The Thirsty Monk.  While I don't really drink I did end up having the best time.  The atmosphere was comfortable and calm with dim lighting, soft music, and a limit of twenty-something people allowed in.  No one was rowdy, no one was loud, and everyone made small-talk with everyone else.  We all sat and just chatted for awhile.  In the moments of silence, when I looked out the
window, I thought about how welcoming Asheville always was and how I felt at home for the first time in a long time.  While I don't think we will be moving to the area any time soon I do know the feeling I want to have here in Indianapolis.  And I know it might take a while to get to that, but it is something to aim for.

Hiking Trails Around Campus

Sunday was our last bit of time.  I went out early to meet up with a former roommate over a wonderful brunch at her favorite breakfast spot, Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville.  Afterwards, Josh and I started the drive back to Indy.  I ended up being more upset than I expected on the drive.  It was hard leaving the first place I felt so at home.  I know we will head back again someday, but right now all I can do is work on making Indianapolis my new home.  Build my future and not just be stuck in my past.

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