Sunday, June 29, 2014

monthly favs: june 2014

This start to Summer has been pretty great so far.  With a new job I have been keeping busy and finally have an income so I will be able to start doing more things during my spare time. Not many photos this time, but I still have plenty of things to talk about this month.

I used to not be a huge fan of coconut-scented beauty products, but when i ran out of my usual LUSH shampoo I had to find something in the supermarket at the last minute.  I saw this one by OGX and the smell was so nice and tropical and it was great for my budget.  After just one use I noticed a change in my hair.  Less frizz and it looked so smooth and shiny.  While growing my hair out I have been dreading this awkward in between phase due to frizz but this shampoo prevents that and leaves my hair smelling nice all day.

I have never been much of a make-up fan, but going into Summer and starting a new job I wanted to try some new things out.  First I wanted to attempt liquid eyeliner.  I love my usual pencil liners but they never really last all day.  This black liner by Stila draws on really nice and lasts me all day.  While I still feel I need to practice a bit before I can go for more dramatic looks, I have happily added this to my usual morning routine.

I also just needed to grab a new mascara and this Cat Eyes Mascara by Maybelline grabbed my attention.  Not only is the packaging adorable, but it seems to be the perfect mascara for me.  Even when I had a usual mascara brush I usually put the bare minimum on my lashes and added a little extra on the outer edges.  The brush for this one does the same thing but more evenly and effective than what I had tried.  My lashes look great without being overwhelming (something that I try to avoid).

Other Favorites:

Doug Loves Movies - Josh and I got to drive down to Bloomington, IN to see a live-taping of one of our favorite Podcasts: Doug Loves Movies.  I had never even been to a comedy club before but the comedians were great and it was so much fun.

Breaking Bad - With the newest season of Game of Thrones over we decided to start Breaking Bad to fill those lazy Sunday evenings.  While we are far from finished it is really great so far and I am excited to watch this acclaimed series.

Lavender - My garden is in full bloom and I have started harvesting lavender as it blooms.  I dry it in my closet and hope to use it as decoration in the bathroom once I have a large enough bundle.


  1. I have heard that Stila eyeliner is amazing! I kind of want to try out some navy liner...

    1. I had gotten the Urban Decay liquid liner and it didn't go on smooth and was a pain. This one is super smooth and I got used to it really quickly. I want to try some fun cat eye looks once I feel 100% comfortable with it.