Wednesday, June 4, 2014

my 5 wardrobe essentials

I have always been one to try and evolve my style.  Each year seemed to bring about its own theme or style.  After college graduation I kicked it into over drive and seemed to change what clothes I liked every few weeks sometimes preferring feminine, others a more androgynous look.  This resulted in me throwing clothes in a donation bag in my attic only to dig them out again in a month.

Wanting to look more adult I would often look up list of wardrobe essentials for women my age, but seldom wear some of the items.  While I like the idea of well-fitting blazers and sky-high heels each day, the fact is I won't wear those things for most of my daily activities or errands.  This list consists of what I consider my Top 5 wardrobe items, most of which actually evolved from old phases in my life. These are the things I always feel confident and comfortable in.

Graphic Pull-Over

Late middle school, early high school I never wore anything other than hoodies and graphic tees from Hot Topic.  After awhile I toned down on both, but about this time I purchased my Great Gatsby pullover and instantly fell in love.  It kind of combines elements from the other two items incorporating the graphic element of the tees but still being a great layering item like a hoodie.  However, it is surprisingly easy to dress up with nice jewelry and skinny jeans.  I now have a small collection of various pullovers which I wear frequently either as a top on its own or an extra layer for early mornings, just before the temperatures get to that toasty warm.

Skinny Ankle Jeans

I didn't get my first pair of skinny jeans until Freshman year of college.  During high school they seemed too uncomfortable so I never even tried them.  Now I rarely buy any other cut.  But, just a few months ago I purchased my first pair of ankle skinnies and I have a new love.  I am on the slightly shorter side and, somehow, having that tiny bit of ankle showing makes me feel like my legs look longer.  Not to mention they are fantastic with either flats or heels.

Pointed Toe Flats

Speaking of shoes, my go-to style is a nice pointed toe flat.  While I used to only wear rounded ballet flats, I found I preferred how a pointed toe made my feet look.  Although it did take me awhile to get used to walking in them at first.  I do still prefer rounded toes when it comes to most other styles of shoes though (pumps, boots, etc.).

"Quirky" Studs

This is something I only recently noticed I really like.  My style used to be lots of dangling earrings and hoops but now I stick to a simple set of studs.  And, even if they are simple, they are still fun.  I have my bees (probably my favorites), my daisies, and now ship steering wheels.  If an outfit feels boring I just add a pair and instantly feel cuter.  My earrings are usually the most complemented item I wear, which sure doesn't hurt.

Tote Bag

My final essential item is a tote bag.  As soon as the temperature rises above 50 I break one out as my go to.  I normally just find myself cute canvas ones (usually with some kind of graphic element to it) but because of how much I use them they usually end up with a hole or some other damage by the end of the warm months.  It seems like I buy myself a new one each year.  I don't really mind, but I have been thinking about investing in a really nice leather tote from Madewell.  Either way I know I will continue to use them frequently.

It was fun to look at what I really enjoy wearing.  I don't think it is bad to mix-up your style and try new things, but it is also nice to have a few things that automatically make you feel good about yourself.

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