Saturday, July 19, 2014

5 non-makeup beauty essentials

When Katherine suggested this topic for this month's Post Pals idea it seemed easy until I really thought about it.  While I love getting beauty supplies I change my routine so often that it was hard for me to figure out what I deemed essential.  Some are fairly new additions to my routine, others are ones I forget about but always go back to, and others are ones I use every day.

Deep Red Polish

I don't have a specific go-to shade, but I am a fan of deep reds.  Even though it is Summer my toenails have been some shade of deep red to burgundy.  With my mostly neutral wardrobe these colors add a little color and a bit of an edgy feel to my outfits.

Neutrogena Body Oil

This was my savior this past Winter.  Right after the shower I would put a little of this Body Oil on and my skin would stay super soft and hydrated all day without feeling greasy.  And since it is dye-free and fragrance-free I never have to worry about it irritating my sensitive skin.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser

Another item that works well with my sensitive skin is this cleanser by Dermalogica.  I had tried other formulas by this company but they all dried out my skin and worsened my break-outs.  When my mom and I went out for some Oscar-day facials earlier this year this sensitive formula was used and it left my face feeling super soft.
Biolage Exquisite Oil

I was never one for hair products, not being a fan of how so many made my hair feel heavy or greasy, but this oil by Matrix is amazing.  Whether I chose to blow-dry or just let my hair dry naturally this keeps it from getting frizzy and leaves it super soft.

EOS Hand Lotion

Working in retail my hands get so dried out over the course of the day so I would be lost without this hand lotion by EOS.  Being such a fan of their lip-balms I figured it was worth a shot to try the lotion too.  The smell of this cucumber one is light and leaves my hands feeling hydrated without being greasy.

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