Wednesday, July 30, 2014

monthly favs: july 2014

This month was fairly uneventful as far as Summer months go.  While I spent most of my time looking forward to all the things I have planned for August, that doesn't mean I have nothing to share for July.

First, my new headphones.  This is really more of something I have been meaning to get for awhile but that doesn't make them any less special.  After my dog broke my original ones a few months ago I have procrastinated getting myself a new pair.  These ended up being a lot less expensive than I had planned on spending but work just as well as my original.

When my Righteous Butter by Soap and Glory was running low I ran out and shopped around Sephora.  I originally planned on just buying the same then I saw this one by bliss.  It has no scent and made my skin feel fantastic.  It was a bit more than my usual one but figured it could be worth it to find a great moisturizer for the remainder of short season.

Aside from purchases most of my favorite things this month are media related:

-Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is my go-to read while I lay out in the sun.  It is cute and eerie, which is my favorite combination.

-Our show this Summer has been Breaking Bad.  We both wished we had watched this fantastic series while it was airing, but for now we are just enjoying it one episode at a time.

-The final thing is Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS.  This super cute game is my favorite way to unwind after work.  It is easy, cute, relaxing, and just makes me feel happy.

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