Friday, September 26, 2014

exploring: indianapolis zoo

Going to the zoo has always been a favorite of mine.  I love getting to walk around when the weather is nice and look at the various animals.  Normally this is something I just do during the Summer but for one particularly nice day lately we chose to venture out.

The weather was Sunny but breezy which made gave the day a slight chill. This combination led to the best day I have ever had at the zoo.  Every animal was out and active.  The bears were swimming, the big cats were people watching, and giraffes came right up to us.

The best moment had to be the lions.  I had seen lions before but always far away and asleep.  But today we got less than 10-feet away from the male who stared directly at us for as long as we were there.  I wish I had a better camera but it was an amazing experience to look into its eyes and have him looking back.  

The zoo was a great size with plenty to see and do.  Throughout our trip we saw signs for upcoming events from Boo at the Zoo to a Christmas celebration.  We decided we want to go back around the Holidays to see if any of the animals will play in the snow and just see how they celebrate.  

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