Monday, September 22, 2014

exploring: mass ave

Ever since I moved out here the one place I was told to visit was Massachusetts Ave.  From food to shopping Mass Ave was said to have it all.  I had wanted to check it out but constantly made excuses to not venture out there.  This past weekend I was visited by a few friends from back home and it seemed like the perfect chance to explore a new place.  
Mass ave didn't let us down.

We started by checking out Global Gifts and Silver in the City.  Both were filled with eclectic collections of items.  Global had hand-made items from around the world, our favorite items had to be the paper cards with cute images and even cuter puns.  If I had to describe Silver in one word it would have to be "quirky".  The gifts ranged from totes and shirts to funny kitchenware and novelty items.  Walking through these places all I could think was how excited I was to come back for my Holiday shopping.  

With the warm weather we agreed to stop for a drink, this is when we found Natural Born Juicers.  I have gone places to get smoothies but had never been to a juice bar like this.  The menu had so many combinations of flavors.  Each one of us got something a little different and all of us loved our choices.  I went with the Mango de Mayo: Mango + Cilantro mixed with Orange and Mint. 

Afterward we went into Homespun, which was most likely my favorite store we found.  Everything inside was made by local Indiana artists and craftspeople.  I have always been a strong supporter of both local businesses and artists so this store was fantastic for me.  I picked up a cup and homemade marshmallows (both of which I will talk about in my Monthly Favs).  I am hoping to back soon and grab some more items for the apartment.

The rest of our evening was filled with tasty eats.  We first stopped in Best Chocolate in Town, and although I didn't buy any chocolate I couldn't stop myself from grabbing a small cup of some amazing Cappuccino Gelato.  

For dinner we stopped in Bru Burger, a restaurant I had heard great reviews about and  had won the "Best Burger" award on the Indy A-List.  I was not disappointed in the slightest.  The burger I had ordered was, no joke, the best burger I had ever eaten.  The onion rings also surpassed any I have previously had.  

I am very excited to go back again, and hopefully try more food and stop in a few more shops if I can.

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